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Tiritose was launched in early 2019 as a an enterprising arm of Tiritose Trust, a registered, Zimbabwe-based, non-profit organisation. As a social enterprise, we are committed to greater standards of purpose, transparency and accountability, in accordance with impact standards pioneered by B Lab, a USA-based non-profit organisation that certifies companies worldwide for their positive impact beyond financial return. We are proud of our commitment to become a certified B Corporation and are the first Zimbabwe-based tourism operator to commence the certification process.

Our responsible and ethical travel programmes, including tours, educational, volunteer and internship placements offer participants with a unique, immersive, learning experience. Revenue from our programme fees directly helps support the development of Zimbabwe’s medical and educational institutions and frontline resources.

Our programmes facilitate dialogue and shared values by bringing together Zimbabwean professionals with international students and volunteer enthusiasts.

Since the launch of Tiritose Trust in 2015, our team has been the first Zimbabwe-based turnkey provider of cross-cultural exchanges through volunteering, and internship placements at matched organisations. Have a look at some of the reviews from past interns and volunteers, and check out our interview with the online magazine Zimbo Jam – An Intro to Tiritose.

Now, as a social enterprise, we are taking our efforts one step further by formalising our relationship with Tiritose Trust in accordance with global standards, including GIIRS – the Global Impact Investing Ratings System – and Iris Impact Metrics.

We believe in the power of business to transform society by bringing viable and economically-sound solutions to Zimbabwe’s most urgent social and environmental challenges. As a company, we have formed partnerships with impact-focused consultants and companies that make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development.

Tiritose means “we are together” in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona.
We build together by connecting people of all backgrounds and walks of life to share ideas, knowledge, experience and skills. Our beehive logo represents collaboration and embodies the spirit of ‘mushandirapamwe’, which means ‘teamwork’, as well as strength of character exhibited by the honey bee – our mascot.

We build networks for collaboration, and generate opportunities that enable Zimbabweans to fulfil their full potential. We work with international partner institutions and individuals and bring people here to contribute to, and learn from, Zimbabwean communities and their local leaders. We don’t pretend to be rescuing anyone, we’re all about empowerment. We create genuine positive impact through our business practices and collaborative approach.

The Tiritose team envisions a future that includes the people of Zimbabwe in meaningful change. One in which the people themselves improve their own quality of life. Our work fosters relationships between Zimbabwean society, educational institutions, and international communities through cultural, educational and skills initiatives.

You don’t need eyes to see, you need vision…” – Faithless


We are committed to running a responsible business that fosters educational development and skills exchange partnerships. These initiatives support the reconstruction of our country through community-building projects. We stand by the belief that the results we seek can only be achieved through economically-viable means and the thought leadership coming from the pioneers of impact investing and social enterprise. Our revenue ensures living wages for our staff and programme partners, and directly supports innovative solutions including rehabilitation, reintegration and hospice programmes for at-risk populations, empowerment for the disabled, and education related to the conservation of wildlife and the environment.

Tiritose strives to be a global ambassador for the nation of Zimbabwe and shining a new light on our beautiful home.

We will challenge you to be your best self, both professionally and intellectually. We want you to leave Zimbabwe as a renewed and empowered person. Our team guarantees that we’ll create opportunities for you to learn and celebrate life with the most spirited, passionate and tenacious people. The people of Zimbabwe have not yet been afforded the opportunities they deserve to be able to showcase their talents and uniqueness to the world. Tiritose offers you the opportunity to see Zimbabwe though your own eyes, and not through an artificial lens placed over our country by the media. We will assist you with the planning of excursions so that you can experience not only the social development side of Zimbabwe but also the amazing natural wonders we have to offer.

  • You promise to bring an open mind and enthusiastic spirit with you.
  • You promise to channel your energy, life and professional experiences to make a meaningful difference and positive impact.
  • You will push your boundaries and see the world in a new light.
  • Above all else, we hope that you bring your commitment and desire to support Zimbabwe on the way to the achievement of its full potential through the spirit of Mushandirapamwe: cooperation, a cornerstone of Tiritose’s Mission.

Zimbabwe has faced political, economic and social challenges in its recent history. Hyperinflation, variable currencies, we’ve seen it all. What’s important is that the people remained resilient and positive through it all. We’re an independent bunch – and we like to surf the waves of life rather than getting pulled under them.

The sad part is a lot of our young people and professionals have left the country, including about 20,000 teachers. Hospitals and clinics are understaffed. Public institutions lack adequate funding for basic necessities. 1,4 million people are living with HIV, whilst 960,000 children have been orphaned due to AIDS. Poaching, the development of new settlements and a lack of adequate power supply has led to deforestation and tremendously reduced the amount of wildlife. Nevertheless, we at Tiritose actively advocate for sustainable building practices and energy solutions such as solar power. These are all reasons why social enterprise and sustainable business practices can create opportunity in the midst of vexing challenges.

Zimbabwe has been slowly recovering from the economic downturn and with the introduction of the multi-currency system in 2009 the economy started to stabilise. Sometimes slow growth can be a good thing, as our team believes we all need some extra time to implement sustainable innovations!

The people of Zimbabwe, however, remain proud and resilient. If given a platform to work towards innovative solutions, they can and will take ownership of their destiny. By working with Tiritose, you can support this journey. We want you to bring your A-game to Zimbabwe and help connect its residents to the best of the world. Come out here and help educate communities on how to take care of their environment and resources, while bringing meaning and purpose into your own life, too. Let’s build together!

Tiritose means “we are together” in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona.


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194, Baines Ave, Harare

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