Areas of Work

  • Some of the areas you can expect to work in are as follows, although this is not an exhaustive list:

    Non-Profit Organisations Administration, Management & Governance

    MBA students and graduates from business school are offered a unique opportunity to work with not-for-profit enterprises, which are supported by foreign missions/embassies in Zimbabwe as well as local stakeholders. The local staff members are very passionate about their work, however, sometimes lack the necessary skills or capacity to apply for grants, operate a lean model by properly allocating the scarce resources in a sustainable way. Business school students and graduates are able to come on board and help not-for-profit enterprises staff with identifying potential funding streams and then writing proposals acceptable by donors.

    As part of the business & professional skills volunteering/internship, you will be able to take organisations through the growth cycle, and then develop ways to keep them sustainable even after you have long left Zimbabwe. You will be able to look back at an internship that helped make a lasting positive impact on some of the most vulnerable members of Zimbabwean society, whilst being able to showcase your resilience, adaptability and commitment to social entrepreneurship to future employers.

    Microfinance Operations

    This placement will involve you in the process of consumer credit financing, cementing your knowledge of development finance and the ins and outs of credit retail distribution networks. The flexibility of this placement is like no other – you will be able to rotate between financing for energy products, furniture, electronics, home appliances, hardware, and clothing. There are over 100 stores in Zimbabwe, in very different parts of the country – and the locations bring their own challenges that will demand a different skill set, which you would have to adapt to during your work placement.

    Talk about finding purpose in life: you can rest easy knowing you have made a difference through improving people’s standards of living by implementing innovative and easily accessible credit solutions. Through the work you can do during your MBA work placement, you will help local Zimbabweans who are financially illiterate develop a credit history, which they may use to purchase their first homes as well as secure other lines of financing in the future.

    Self-Placements and Support

    Travelling to a foreign country is a daunting experience. You need to have a clear plan of what to pack, where you are going to stay, how you are going to get around and most of all, if what you are planning to do there is legitimate. In a situation where you have applied to a company or organisation and have been accepted, Tiritose will be your support system and will assist you by verifying whether the company you want to come and work for exists and is reputable. We will arrange for your accommodation, transportation from the airport, getting around, and entertainment for when you are off work. You simply cannot come to Zimbabwe and not explore the epic tourist attractions that make Zimbabwe unique. We have a variety of tour add-ons available that can help make your experience unforgettable.

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