• This facility was opened to help heal and rehabilitate both domestic and wild animals. This animal care centre is run by enthusiasts who never turn away a single animal. The centre is home to previously abused lions, serval cats, primates, birds of prey, hedgehogs, bushbabies, monkeys, baboons, reptiles, dogs, tortoises and more animals that have arrived there from many different parts of Zimbabwe. All of the animals there are rescued, and some of the young orphans may even share a room with the staff and volunteers as they require special, around-the-clock care.

    The wildlife sanctuary’s conservation programme is unique on the African continent. For example, the big game like lions are neither handled by the permanent staff nor volunteers/interns, which allows them to be wild as nature intended. This approach to wildlife management and rehabilitation includes a strict hands-off policy regarding wild animals, which allows for release back into the wild. There is a clear history and proven track record of releasing animals back into the wild, which differentiates the sanctuary from other conservancies.

    Their approach to wildlife management and rehabilitation includes a hands-off policy regarding wild animals that are being prepared for release back into the wild. This is the difference between the sanctuary you can volunteer at through us and other similar organisations that don’t have a proven track record of releasing these animals back into their natural habitats.

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