The global health programme takes place at four different hospitals across the country. Students will experience the facilities provided by a private boutique hospital in the leafy Harare suburbs, two of the largest public hospitals in the country as well as rural hospitals run by religious missions. This rotation is designed to enable participants to holistically experience the Zimbabwe healthcare system. What you gain at the four hospitals in terms of your learning and observational experience will be vastly different. The rotation encompasses surgical specialities, laboratory analysis, pharmacological and radiological services, as well as rehabilitation and integrative medicine. We will always prioritise your first choice of rotation, however, this is subject to the availability of physicians within your chosen specialty. Your Tiritose Placement Advisor will give you the options available during the time of your booking.

You can choose from the following available clinical rotations:

  • Departments: Neurosurgery – Urology – Dermatology – Physiotherapy – General Internal Medicine
  • Neurology: including the clinic and psychiatry unit – Obstetrics – Gynaecology – Paediatrics – Pathology
  • Clinics: Endocrinology – Internal Medicine – Infectious Diseases – HIV
  • Units: Stroke – Renal – Burns – Intensive Care – Leprosy Centre – Opportunistic Infections
  • Schools: Nursing

Some of the hospitals have a 24/7 casualty department that caters to all emergencies. There are also outpatient departments that review patients status and admit or discharge them.

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