Looking for business internships abroad? Turn a vacation to Africa into an unforgettable mentorship and learning experience by coming to Zimbabwe and doing an internship or volunteering to grow business capacity for SMEs within your chosen field. Zimbabwe is among African countries with the highest literacy rates, with over 90% of the population able to read and write. The economy has suffered a major decline in recent years and that has had a direct impact on the employment opportunities, however, this has given rise to a thriving entrepreneurship & commercial culture, which with the right nurturing will enable Zimbabweans to take control of their destiny and produce ground-breaking innovations. We have several organisations signed up for our two programmes, one aimed at providing work experience to business studies undergraduates & MBA students and the other meant for experienced professionals either taking a career break or retired experts who want to travel with purpose and lend a hand in order to grow businesses in Zimbabwe. For one of the most unique international business internships, get in touch with us today!


Business and Professional Skills Internship

Business & Professional Skills Internship

A programme for undergraduate business studies students as well as MBAs looking to work in dynamic work environments & learn new skills.

Entreprenuership and Development Tour

Entrepreneurship and Development Tour

This is a case based programme that changes with each group, so you are assured of never duplicating effort, and the results of your work will contribute towards policy development .
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