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Community Health and Development Tour

Travelling to Zimbabwe for the health and community development group educational tour is unlike other tourist trips, you are coming to immerse yourself within local communities – living through the public health issues as the locals do. Pre-medical school and public health students will find this programme ideal to expose them to African communicable and non-communicable diseases, some of which are endemic to Africa such as malaria


Your Travel Adventure day by day

  • In-country orientation
  • Zimbabwe: a country of many contrasts
  • Local area & City tour
  • Health and safety workshop
  • Culture shock seminar
  • Welcome dinner
  • Local Area and City Tours
  • Service-learning project introduction
  • Infectious diseases

Diseases of poverty

  • Public health policy
  • Community healthcare

Health survey

  • Maternal and child health
  • Rural healthcare system
  • Alternative medicine

The above is a provisional 2-week itinerary, which Tiritose Sustainable Travel will customise to match your collective interests. We are flexible in how we put together group educational tours, and we will work with you to come up with a bespoke itinerary. Please download the client needs assessment form, complete it, send it back to us, and one of our worker bees will respond with a draft itinerary for your review. Do not despair if you cannot find an ideal placement site, the list below is only meant to highlight the diversity of our programmes, and not an exhaustive list.

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The health and community development group educational tour explores health-related issues confronting Zimbabwe as well as their social and economic impact. We examine international, regional, national, government, civil society, community and private sector efforts addressing these issues. Particular attention is paid to the demographics of chronic, non-communicable diseases and infectious diseases, as well as their prevention and treatment. The educational group tour includes exposure to a variety of healthcare environments as well as community-based research.





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