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Come to Zimbabwe and participate in our diverse professionally rewarding medical internships and ethical volunteering programmes. Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a volunteer service opportunity, a seasoned professional looking for a medical adventure to Africa, or a professor looking to lead a faculty-led trip, we offer the most rewarding healthcare missions abroad. Our volunteering/internship programmes are located in rural and urban Zimbabwe, at private as well as public hospitals, including communities. Tiritose Medical & Healthcare Programmes are an opportunity to serve on the frontlines of the Zimbabwe healthcare system, so come along, let us work together!

A one-size-fits-all approach is counterproductive to overseas service-learning programmes. Tiritose collaborates with faculty staff from a range of educational institutions to create short summer, winter, mid-semester to full-semester programmes that meet faculty objectives. We fully immerse students in engaging environments regardless of their academic disciplines.

Our in-house faculty staff and affiliation with universities in Zimbabwe as well as extensive work with European and American institutions enables us to process credit-transfers, including academic transcripts. We make every effort to ensure that your trip to Africa is not just a mere vacation, but a rewarding learning experience.

Going abroad presents chances to discover amazing travel destinations, make new friends, immerse yourself in another country and presents a perfect opportunity to grow. You will be more adept at learning and managing challenging experiences. It is an opportunity to experience the world through a different lens and fully immerse yourself in new cultures and environments, all of which are essential tools for self-discovery and personal development.

We are your desired partner for internationalising your school and broadening your students’ horizon. We ensure you keep in line with your institutional academic needs. Tiritose collaborates with faculty to create customised programmes that pick up from where the curriculum stops. Our programmes challenge students’ intellect and cultural understanding, whilst fitting in with your budget and school schedule.

The collaborative programme is set up to overcome the common impediments to learning abroad: budgetary, cultural and curriculum differences. Tiritose leverages its extensive network in Zimbabwe, ensuring you generate maximum value from the learning experience. Working with and through Tiritose ensures faculty staff focus on the core business of teaching, knowing we effectively handle all the logistics.

You probably spent a semester or a year abroad yourself when you were a student, or perhaps you have only heard of education abroad programmes. Living in another country is a fantastic way for your child to acquire international experience, gain independence, learn new languages and cultures through their host families and new environments. This experience counts in a student’s favour when applying to university after a gap year in Africa or graduating from university, then applying to graduate school and gives them the much-needed competitive edge. BUT, don’t take our word for it, here it from our alumni who upon finishing high school spent a month in Zimbabwe on our gap year programme and managed to get into the competitive Johns Hopkins University. If you are excited, and your child is equally excited about stepping out of their comfort zone, discover the unknown, and keen on learning in a new community – going abroad presents the perfect opportunity.




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