• Fully Experience Work Life Within a Developing Economy

    Although Zimbabwe’s economy has declined in the past two decades, you won’t find a better place to learn how to do business and how not to do it – which is equally important. You can’t learn everything you need to learn in a place where everything is going well. You need to live through a failed business administration to get the first-hand experience of how the other half lives. In contrast, explore how Zimbabweans have created business opportunities out of what would seem to be impossible circumstances.

    Tangible Results

    We want you to see as much of Zimbabwe as you can while you are here. We also want you to stay focused on the purpose of your trip. You will be assessed and when needed, Tiritose will attest to your conduct as well. We created these programmes in order to mould you into an exemplary professional and we will stand by our word. Your study/work trip to Africa will be one of the most beneficial experiences of your career.

    Expert Career-Planning Assistance

    The decision about what you want to focus on for the rest of your life is not one that can be made lightly. Getting out of your usual environment and going away to clear your head is the best thing you can do when you are still studying or have just graduated. It’s even greater to have experts in your field to help you see things from a different perspective. It wouldn’t hurt to go and see some wild animals and unique pieces of art in-between your thinking and working sessions too! That is the charm Zimbabwe has to offer and Tiritose experts will make sure that you go back home more confident in your life goals than you were when you arrived here.

    Experience a Different Work Culture

    Nothing “opens up” the mind like seeing how other people live and learning how to adapt to a completely different setting. You will be introduced to a whole new culture, different languages, food, animals, weather and lifestyles. The fun activities and Zimbabwe’s tourist attractions will surely leave a good impression. Everyone who has interned or volunteered in our care has had a great story to tell and we look forward to sharing yours, too!

    International Networking

    You can have as many LinkedIn connections possible, but nothing beats working side by side with students and professionals from all over the world and learning from each other. You will meet people from far away countries, and they will teach you things that you could never learn from your usual circle.

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