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This programme takes groups to sites of historical, political and cultural significance across Zimbabwe. These have played a major role in the history and politics of the country. Most importantly, these places highlight the social context of life in Southern Africa. For groups that want to deepen & sharpen their intellectual and cultural understanding of Africa, Zimbabwe offers a rewarding opportunity. Specific migration patterns, native customs, natural landscapes, and pristine wildlife make the experience truly unique.

There will be lectures at leading universities, cultural immersion homestay with local families, excursions, and field experiences that you cannot get in any other place. You will also get an opportunity to visit Zimbabwe’s tourist attractions, as they are all a part of the country’s history.

The tour may be designed according to your learning objectives and customised as such. The length of stay can be anything from 7 days to eight (8) weeks, and there is an opportunity to extend your stay after the group tour and choose a placement site for a further 2-6 weeks.

DAY 1: Arrival

  • Arrive in Zimbabwe

DAY 2: Harare

  • Introduction to Zimbabwe: a country of many contrasts
  • Local area tour
  • Health and safety workshop
  • Culture shock seminar
  • Welcome dinner

DAYS 3 TO 5: Honde Valley

  • The scramble for Africa: mechanics of annexation and occupation
  • Defining boundaries: the battle between the British and Portuguese

DAYS 6 TO 8: Great Zimbabwe

  • The rise and fall of early dynasties
  • The great conflagration of the Zulu expansion
  • The arrival of the early European explorers

DAYS 9 TO 11: Bulawayo and Matopos

  • First Chimurenga: Ndebele and Shona rebellions
  • Land, and land rights
  • Rhodesia and Industrialization

DAYS 12 TO 14: Victoria Falls

  • The rise of black nationalism
  • White Rhodesian radicalism and native reserves

DAYS 15 TO 17: Kariba

  • Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
  • Unilateral Declaration of Independence

DAYS 18 TO 20: Mana Pools

  • Zimbabwe liberation struggle
  • Post-independence Zimbabwe

Day 21: Departure

  • Departure from Zimbabwe

The above is a provisional 3-week itinerary, which our team will customise to match your collective interests. We are flexible in how we put together educational tours, and we will work with you to come up with a bespoke itinerary. The list below is only meant to highlight the diversity of our programmes and not an exhaustive list.


The capital city and commercial hub of Zimbabwe is among the world’s brightest and sunniest cities. You will arrive at Robert G. Mugabe International Airport, where our friendly staff will be waving a big “Tiritose” sign welcoming you to the adventure of a lifetime! We will take through a comprehensive orientation programme, whilst providing background information about Zimbabwe, which will help put the upcoming tour in perspective. You will be able to appreciate the many contrasts that exist in present-day Zimbabwe.

Accommodation: Bronte Garden Hotel: shared rooms, with twin beds and ensuite bathrooms in downtown Harare.

Honde Valley

This destination is located in eastern Zimbabwe and is among the best places to watch the sunrise while the birds sing to you. It is flanked by hills and mountains and is the home of tea, coffee and fruit agricultural production. It belongs to the Eastern Highlands region, a section of the country that together is arguably the most beautiful in Zimbabwe. As it was fiercely contested area during the war of liberation, it has led the population to become very politically-conscious. We will discuss the scramble for Africa by the early colonists, and juxtapose these with tours of the tea, coffee estates, and mountain walks.

Accommodation: Aberfoyle Lodge: shared rooms, with two single beds in each room.


As the most important and enigmatic, historic, monument in Zimbabwe, the site provides an opportunity to delve deep into the pre-colonial history of Zimbabwe, and early African civilisation. Great Zimbabwe is the largest stone structure south of the Sahara. It is so grand that early colonists and archaeologists were forced to revise their beliefs about the native inhabitants, whom they could not conceive as possessing the aptitude to construct such a fine piece of architecture.

The location of Great Zimbabwe presents a unique opportunity to see and live through the greatest and most accomplished in African pre-colonial history. While at Great Zimbabwe, there will be an opportunity to visit the nearby Kyle Recreational Park, where you will be introduced to Zimbabwe’s wildlife, and you can visit local bushman rock art as well as fish and go boating on Lake Mutirikwi.

You can also look forward to our campfire discussions and reflections under the African stars!

Accommodation: Norma Jeane’s Lakeview Resort: shared rooms, with two single beds in each room

Bulawayo and Matopos

Bulawayo is the second largest city in Zimbabwe. It is the country’s capital of culture and until recently also the industrial capital of Zimbabwe. The city provides a unique contrast to Harare, with its mixture of low and high-rise buildings, fading colonial houses with wide verandahs, all adding to the relaxed and attractive atmosphere.

About 40 minutes, southwest of Bulawayo lies a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Matobo Hills. Here, you will find the expanse of granite hills and caves, hiding the rich legacy of parietal art left by the San people.

Accommodation: Holiday Inn: shared rooms, twin beds and ensuite bathrooms.

Victoria Falls

A place that needs no introduction to the world, it’s one of the 7 Natural Wonders on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. There is, however, more to this town than the largest falling curtain of water. Archaeological findings from the area have yielded stone artefacts from more than 3 million years ago. The Tonga people have lived in the Victoria Falls area since the 12th Century, and have largely remained inhabitants of the area. In addition to the rich history, there are many contrasts, from David Livingstone in 1855, to the beginnings of infrastructure development and rail network, to present day tourism for sustainable development.

Accommodation: overnight ferry for one night + a night in the safari tented rooms on the island.

Mana Pools

This destination is one of the world’s widest and most naturally preserved ecological areas, and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ramsar Site, Wetland of International Importance. Its remote wilderness, without mass tourism, offers a mostly untouched and undisturbed natural area. The name Mana is derived from the number four ‘4’, in the Zimbabwean Shona language – taken from the four pools, remnant ox-bow lakes left by the Zambezi River over a thousand years ago as its course moved north.

Accommodation: Chalets overlooking the pools, four people in each chalet.

Who can join this tour?

Our educational tours are open to both high school and university students, who may either be led by a teacher or faculty member, or on their own. The tour is an immersive programme for those interested in acquainting themselves with African business and innovation Students and faculty who enjoy unconventional and hands-on learning are well suited for this adventure tour.

How will you benefit?

  • As this is a multi-destination tour – you will see the country whilst learning about its rich historical past and culture.
  • Live through history by exploring historical and cultural sites.
  • Enjoy a different way of learning about African culture and heritage.
  • Watch a screening of Operation Noah: original Pathe News footage of the famous operation to rescue stranded wildlife as the rising waters of Kariba created islands in the Zambezi Valley.
  • Earn academic credit while enjoying an adventure of a lifetime.

How is transportation organized?

Tiritose is a one-stop-shop! We provide airport pick up and will take you to your first night accommodation, sort out refreshments and meals. After a good night rest, we will start your in-country orientation, which will be done at a pace that suits your needs and we will make sure to show the group some amazing places at the same time. Once the in-country orientation is complete, we will provide a shuttle service that will take you between your accommodation and activity centre for each of the days.

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Contact Tiritose for further information about the cultural and historical educational tour. If you have already organised your own educational tour or already have a preferred itinerary in Zimbabwe, we can still assist with accommodation arrangements, airport pickups and leisure tours when you have some free time. We have friendly and energetic worker and queen bees who are passionate about Zimbabwe, they will answer all your questions and will be able to take you to all the places you may be curious about! We are your travel buddies!



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