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For nature enthusiasts, this is the perfect introduction to teaching within local communities and furthering wildlife conservation efforts. Veterinary students will benefit from opportunities to monitor animal behaviour and treat injured animals. Experienced rangers supervise interns and facilitate the programme. Volunteers with skills and professional background to share can participate in anti-poaching efforts and the implementation of the latest security systems for game park management. Awareness campaigns to reduce human-animal conflict are central to the project, and educating the community on the importance of eliminating animal trapping (snaring), littering, and burning of indigenous bushes.

The programme presents volunteers and interns with a unique opportunity to combine community work with wildlife and environmental conservation. It is our flagship combined programme, with the added benefit of living at the iconic Kariba resort town. Kariba is the only place where humans and wildlife live together with no artificial boundaries. It is not surprising to pass a Zebra or an Elephant on your way to the store!

This is the perfect introduction to conservation for the nature enthusiasts, while veterinary students will marvel at the opportunity to monitor animal behaviour and treat injured animals. There are experienced guides who will supervise interns, while experienced volunteers can lend a hand with anti-poaching and implementation of the latest security systems for game management. Awareness campaigns to reduce human-animal conflict are central to the project, and educating the community on avoiding littering, burning of indigenous bushes and stopping putting up snares.

  • Advance your interpersonal skills in a multicultural environment in which you can  interact with tourists as well as locals
  • Support National Parks and conservation work with other participating organisations
  • Undertake crucial maintenance, building and rebuilding of habitats and waterholes
  • Teach local school children about conservation, and support after-school activities such as debate or sports
  • Work on an enriching project that ensures harmonious living between animals and humans
  • Veterinary students can monitor animal behaviour and help the vets treat injured animals as and when required
  • Participate in wildlife and environmental conservation management
  • Assist with anti-poaching activities, the removal of invasive vegetation and the replanting of trees
  • Assist national parks staff with park conservation activities
  • Teach organic vegetable & herb growing to children and local community members
  • Facilitate community engagement and education to reduce human/wildlife conflict in and around the resort town


Participants will generally split their time throughout the work week – five and a half days from Monday morning until Saturday at 12h – between programmes. Typically, this means 3 days working on environmental and wildlife matters, then 2 days of community service, and then changing this rotation to a 2:3 ratio.

Tasks may change at any time during your stay with us – you may be needed to go on a call out to rescue a snared or wounded animal. When schools are on holiday, our work will move from the classroom to other projects within the community such as organic vegetable and herb gardening, as well as repairs and maintenance for community infrastructure. In terms of your commitment, time-wise, your schedule would work as follows during your stay with us (remember, flexibility is the name of the game as this plan might change):

Volunteers and interns are accommodated at the edge of Kariba town, a perfect location to be one with nature. Here you will stay either in a hostel or under canvas (tented camp) with shared bathrooms, including an optional outdoor shower. The area is surrounded by mopane shrubs, right on the shores of Lake Kariba. It is a unique environment, in the middle of the game corridor, and so there is absolutely no need for a safari truck to view wildlife up-close and personal. There is no place like it anywhere in the world. You will find wildlife literally on your doorstep. There’s also entertainment galore at the bush bar, and a splash pool to cool off after a day in the sun.

Tiritose supports volunteers and interns coming to Zimbabwe and ensures that the experience is equally rewarding for yourself and our programme.  Our application process is split into two categories:

Volunteers – require some of the following:

  • Degree / Masters / PhD  in Conservation, Wildlife, Zoology, Environment, Veterinary science, Animal science or related field
  • Must have work experience within a related field
  • Passport valid for at least (6) months from the date of your intended stay in Zimbabwe

Interns – require some of the following:

  • Gap Year, student or training for a university degree or technical college in Conservation, Zoology, Animal Science or related field
  • An interest and passion for working with animals, and the environment
  • Some experience within the conservation field would be beneficial


Head out early: searching & remove snares


Breakfast back at camp (when possible) – *there may be times when we are out in the field when a packed breakfast may be given


Environmental awareness campaign in schools


Lunch and a Siesta, should you like that (often needed break from the heat)


After School activities (sport & homework with the kids) than community outreach programme


Time to relax, unwind and discuss your achievements with your fellow volunteers. Go for a swim, have a cold drink, unwind or socialise.


Dinner will be available (self-service) from this time onwards – relax, enjoy, your evening, have a good night’s rest & ease those aching muscles into the bed before the productive day!




Should you wish to extend your stay beyond the initially-offered 4 weeks, we are here to make the experience you’re looking for happen! We’re here for you and we can also customise longer-term placements!


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