• Tiritose supports volunteers and interns coming to Zimbabwe and ensures that the experience is equally rewarding for yourself and our programme.  

    Intern – education /skills/work experience required

    • Potential student of medical or health-related programmes.
    • Experience within a medical or health setting would be beneficial.
    • Positive, can-do attitude.
    • Skills:  Communication, organisational, reading and writing.

    You’ll need to send proof of your:

    • Education, skills and work experience in the form of a CV, documentation from your school and reference letters.
    • Current enrollment in a professional, accredited, medical or healthcare programme of education

    We’ll also need:

    • A list of references we can contact to confirm your experience, organisational skills and reading and writing ability – especially when it comes to interacting with patients and taking histories to have an initial online interview with you to assess your communication skills

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