Cindy Chang

I had a wonderful time doing my global health rotation with Tiritose and was able to enrich myself in both the cultural aspects of the country and the educational aspects of seeing how health care functions in Zimbabwe. Everything was well coordinated – Wesley answered all our questions prior to arriving to Zimbabwe and received us at the airport. We felt safe at all times, all our transportation was coordinated, and our housing was arranged. Wesley took the time to take us out to the city and to historical/cultural places of the country. In regards to the medical experience, we shadowed both a urologist and a pediatric neurosurgeon who were phenomenal human beings to meet, and spent some time in the rural area as well doing medical work. Wesley made sure to ask us what things we wanted for our education and did what he could within his means to provide us the experience. Things to improve, which I’m sure they have already, are to include more actual hands-on experiences for rotators and this may mean to have more time at the rural clinic, or to find more hospitals within the city where they allow you to see patients on your own, or to find out other departments to shadow at in the city. The cost of the rotation was expensive in my view, but I also think Zimbabwe in itself is an expensive country. I loved my time in Zimbabwe, loved everyone I met in Tiritose, and would definitely return in a heartbeat.

DATE: Jun 18, 2019
AUTHOR: Tiritose Sustainable Travel

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