Michelle van den Hove

I was in Zim for only 3 weeks, but that was enough to let me fall in love with the people, the country and more. I didn’t want to leave the country. I was in the beautiful Harare for 2 weeks and the last week we went to the Victoria Falls

I met so many new people and they are all so welcoming even though they just met us. We in the Netherlands could learn from this behavior, and be more welcoming to tourist in our country. I loved hanging out with locals and spending time in the beautiful nature from Zimbabwe, Victoria falls was definitely a highlight in Zim. Waterfalls are amazing in common but seeing this waterfall was even more than amazing. It’s such a big and high waterfall that you can keep watching to it for days. It’s definitely I wanted to check off my bucket list. And off course the beautiful wildlife that Zimbabwe has, it keeps fascinated to see elephants or buffalos or whatever in the wild. Or the Monkeys who tried to steel my grocery when I just came back from the store, back in the Netherlands it’s so funny to think back at that moment because something like that would never happen over here.

I will definitely go back one day soon. Thanks Zimbabwe and the lovely people for the great time and opportunity.

DATE: Jun 14, 2019
AUTHOR: Tiritose Sustainable Travel

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