Vongai Tizora 

Tiritose did an excellent job exposing students to the different facets of the medical field within Zimbabwe. We spent a week at the Children’s Rehab Unit at Harare Central Hospital. That is where we were given the opportunity to experience therapeutics, counseling, outreach, and the diagnosis process. Later on, we went to Chidamoyo Christian Hospital where we explored rounds (including inpatient, outpatient, pediatrics, therapy, pharmacy, OB/gynecology, surgery, etc.), clinics (including the well-baby, HPV, and antenatal clinic), HIV outreach, and consultations. I even got to help take vitals, tend to patients during the various clinics, and attend to the needs of a newborn right after birth. Although we were only there for a couple of weeks, we were able to learn so much. On top of the medical side of the experience, there is also cultural immersion. You will spend time working next to, breaking bread with, and sharing stories with Zimbabweans. Take the time to get to familiarize yourself with these people as you never know in life where you might end up. I will always cherish the joyful and informative experience I had and encourage everyone to take the leap and visit the beautiful country of Zimbabwe.

DATE: Sep 1, 2019
AUTHOR: Tiritose Sustainable Travel

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