Zach Karr 

Imire just might be my new favorite place. It blew away all expectations. How much interaction and hands-on experience we managed to get with the animals was incredible. I learned more in my week here than I will in a few months at my university. Also, just like with Twala the people here were all incredible. Our volunteer guides especially, Bright and Diogo were such kinda helpful guys. You could see their genuine interest in sharing their passion for wildlife with us from a mile away. Not only that, but the living conditions, service, and food was better than anywhere I’ve ever stayed before. My lodge was comfortable and clean, everyone helping with laundry, taking drink orders, etc. once again seemed genuinely happy to do so. It was definitely refreshing from the U.S where most of the time people seem to only be at their jobs because they have to be. I will never forget the unbelievable wildlife I experienced here, the people I met, or the community visits we made. Everything, even the activities that took me out of my comfort zone, allowed me to learn more about myself and grow as a person more than anything else has, in just a few weeks’ time.

DATE: Dec 9, 2019
AUTHOR: Tiritose Sustainable Travel

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