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If you’re interested in tropical medicine, you’ll learn about the prevention and treatment of malaria, tuberculosis and schistosomiasis. We do absolutely take precautionary measures when it comes to preparing programme participants though – so your own risk exposure will be minimised. If you’re a medical, nursing or physician assistant student, you’ll be involved as both an observer and an active participant in the diagnosis and treatment of infections that present challenges to Zimbabwe’s people and health care system. Zimbabwe’s medical professionals are, however, cost conscious and well-versed in adequately treating their patients’ conditions despite the developing conditions within their institutions. You’ll see their knowledge, resilience and strength under pressure at work first-hand if you participate in one of our programmes.


  • Practice taking a comprehensive or focused medical history based on the symptoms and reasons why the patient is at the facility
  • Complete clinical examinations of the patient(s) and screen for signs of illness
  • Prepare differential diagnosis reports
  • Present assessment and treatment management plans
  • Practice cost-conscious medicine
  • Attend weekly grand rounds and interact with local Zimbabwean healthcare students
  • Work at least 150 hours in total throughout the duration of your global health internship experience


Doctors, nurses and physician assistants will rely heavily on the medical history and physical examination results you record as there are limited resources available in Zimbabwe for extensive testing or imaging studies. Therefore, the knowledge you’ve gained at home will help result in more comprehensive analysis and diagnosis.

You will be participating in the provision of healthcare to a patient population that is quite unique. Each new person you meet will be very different from the individuals you have worked with in your home country, as their needs are shaped by their daily struggles and ability to overcome local challenges.

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