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To be the leading sustainable travel company in Africa, supporting our Foundation’s charity activities, which are addressing Zimbabwe’s most urgent health, social and conservation challenges.


Develop and promote sustainable tourism packages; ethical volunteering opportunities, professionally rewarding internships and educational trips in Africa.


Ethics, sustainability, knowledge exchange and fun. Each activity has unique qualities that bring joy, love and happiness to all stakeholders involved.

Tiritose Sustainable Travel is an enterprising arm of Tiritose Trust, a non-profit organisation that mobilises resources and distributes to partner healthcare facilities, conservancies as well as youth-led businesses. As a social enterprise, Tiritose Sustainable Travel is committed to greater standards of purpose, transparency and accountability, in accordance with impact standards pioneered by B Lab, a USA-based non-profit organisation that certifies companies worldwide for their positive impact beyond financial return. We are proud of our commitment to become a B Corp accredited organisation.

We are the first and only travel company in Zimbabwe to complete the sustainability accreditation – following Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSCT) guidelines and administered by Travelife (Netherlands) and Fair Trade Tourism (South Africa).Our responsible and ethical travel programmes & experiences, including  city sightseeing, day trips, multi-day tours, educational trips, volunteer and internship placements offer travellers a unique and immersive learning experience. Revenue from our programme fees directly helps support the development of Zimbabwe’s medical, conservation and youth-led initiatives.



Focused programmes on key health, conservation & youth-led business innovations, aimed at boosting society through collaborative implementation.


Knowledgeable & enthusiastic locals who lead & work hand in hand with volunteers and local communities


Programmes are led by locals in order to ensure future funding and the long-term sustainability of the projects


Work together with local authorities and government departments, which is crucial to obtaining buy-in and avoiding duplication of effort.


Our administration & internal programmes are fully funded through volunteer, internship & leisure travel customers, which means any extra income goes directly to support our charities.


Certified sustainable practices administered through Travelife & Fair-Trade Tourism aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council best practices. 100% safety & health record.

First Things First

Tiritose means ‘we are together’ in the local Zimbabwean language, Shona. We build together by connecting people of all backgrounds to share ideas, knowledge, experience and skills. Our bespoke itineraries for day trips, educational tours, volunteer placements, internships and service-learning programmes are founded on the three pillars of the global tourism agenda concept of sustainable tourism (environmental, socio-cultural and economic benefits to both visitors & locals). 

We work collaboratively with our visitors to curate rewarding experiences, which link the individual/group interests with a positive direct impact on local society as well as the natural and economic environment. We have comprehensive policies including sustainability management & legal compliance; ethical travel policy; child protection policy; occupational safety & health; as well as a strict code of conduct for our staff as well as partners.

We are committed to running a responsible travel company, which fosters development, skills & cultural exchange partnerships. These initiatives support the reconstruction of our country through community-building projects. We are committed to achieving these results through economically-viable means and the thought leadership coming from the pioneers of impact investing and social enterprise. Our revenue ensures living wages for our staff and partners.

Tiritose Sustainable Travel strives to be a global ambassador for the nation of Zimbabwe and shining a new light on our beautiful home.

We will challenge you to be your best self, both professionally and intellectually. We want you to leave Zimbabwe as a renewed and empowered person. Our team guarantees that we’ll create opportunities for you to learn and celebrate life with the most spirited, passionate and tenacious people. Tiritose Sustainable Travel offers you the opportunity to see Zimbabwe through your own eyes, and not through an artificial lens placed over our country by the media. We will work with you in curating a trip of a life-time so that you can experience not only the amazing natural wonders Zimbabwe has to offer but also the social development side of the country.

  • You promise to bring an open mind and enthusiastic spirit with you! You promise to channel your energy, life and professional experiences to make a meaningful difference and positive impact on local society & the environment. You will push your boundaries and see the world in a new light.

    Above all else, we hope that you bring your commitment and desire to support Zimbabwe on the way to the achievement of its full potential through the spirit of Mushandirapamwe: cooperation/teamwork, a cornerstone of Tiritose’s Mission.

  • Zimbabwe has faced political, economic and social challenges in its recent history. Hyperinflation, variable currencies, we’ve seen it all. What’s important is that the people remained resilient and positive through it all. We’re an independent bunch – and we like to surf the waves of life rather than getting pulled under them. Tiritose Trust established a social enterprise in order to implement sustainable business practices that converts these vexing challenges into opportunities for growth. 

    So, come along – let’s travel together because we are the best travel buddies on the continent of Africa!


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