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We are here, from the minute you start to suspect that you might want to travel, through your planning and decision-making, right to the minute we receive you at Harare International Airport. You may be intrigued by this but not sure now about how you are going to tackle the cost of travel to Zimbabwe. What we love about being in this business is that there is always a way for everything to be achieved. There are scholarships that can pay for your internship abroad. 

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We understand that it takes more than words to convince you. Here’s a look at what our past students had to say about their experience with us.


A valid passport, itinerary, exit ticket, and cash payment are required upon entry to Zimbabwe. If you have at least 8 weeks to departure, you can send your passport to the Zimbabwe Embassy in your country of residence for a tourist visa. We do not recommend getting your visa via the Embassy if you have less than 8 weeks to departure. Should you be unable to obtain your visa via the Embassy due to timing that is not a problem, you can get your visa at the port of entry.

For this, plan on waiting in two lines upon arrival for the visa; one line is dedicated to paying for the visa and the second line is dedicated to receiving your visa stamp. These lines can be long. Make sure you have exact change for the visa payment. Visa & MasterCards machines are available at some ports of entry, but we still recommend you move around with cash!

eVisa: Visit the official government of Zimbabwe eVisa website to find which countries need to apply for a visa in ADVANCE, wh


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