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Medical Practice Internship

The capital city of Zimbabwe is Harare, home to Parirenyatwa, the country’s largest
public hospital as well as several small private hospitals and clinics.

What's the programme about?

The capital city of Zimbabwe is Harare, home to Parirenyatwa, the country’s largest public hospital as well as several small private hospitals and clinics. When the private facilities are at capacity, patients are referred to the public hospitals.

Given this fluid exchange of patients between the public and private systems, students will have the opportunity to do observerships at both public and private facilities so they can have an appreciation of the differences in services and resources available in the respective clinical settings.

Intern Tasks

- Observe medical doctors and taking notes during clinic

- Assist doctors with patient filing

- Observe physicians in theatre during surgery

- Accompany physicians during post-operation rounds

  • Compile a research report based on your area of interest
What are the benefits of signing up?

- Work alongside healthcare professionals in a different country

- Involvement in both public and private medical facilities

- Experience city and rural healthcare facilities and ways of practicing medicine

- Observe neurosurgery, urology, dermatology and physiotherapy, internal medicine, and general practice

- Observe the business side of running a medical practice

- Meet a diverse range of people from all walks of life


Here's a layout of a typical day in the programme
08h00 Arrive at work
08h30 Hospital post-operation rounds
10h30 Tea Break
11h00 Clinic – observing physicians with patients
11h30 Outpatient Department
13h30 Lunch Break
16h00 Feedback session with other interns
16h30 Departure from work to your accommodation
Where will you stay?

Harare Accomodation

Intern accommodation is in a leafy suburb of Mt Pleasant in Harare. It is a shared house with communal areas such as the kitchen, dining room, lounge and the garden. There is a swimming pool, an orchard, borehole water, solar hot water boiler, washing machine, Wi-Fi and cable satellite TV with over 100 channels.

Intern accommodation at the rural hospital is in a double story, thatched house with a lot of character. The rooms are shared, and it is within 300m walking distance to the hospital. There is a basketball court and old tennis half court that we now use to project films as our very own village cinema. 

We really make sure that you feel at home, and smoking is only allowed in the designated areas away from the house.

What do you need to apply?

Tiritose supports volunteers and interns coming to Zimbabwe and ensures that the experience is equally rewarding for yourself and our programme.

Intern – education /skills/work experience required:

  • Potential student of medical or health-related programmes.
  • Experience within a medical or health setting would be beneficial.
  • Positive, can-do attitude.
  • Skills:  Communication, organisational, reading and writing.

You’ll need to send proof of your:

  • Education, skills and work experience in the form of a CV, documentation from your school and reference letters.
  • Current enrollment in a professional, accredited, medical or healthcare programme of education

We’ll also need:

  • A list of references we can contact to confirm your experience, organisational skills and reading and writing ability – especially when it comes to interacting with patients and taking histories to have an initial online interview with you to assess your communication skills

programme highlights

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This is a unique opportunity to work alongside, shadow & observe healthcare professionals in both public and private medical facilities, located in both rural and urban areas, including community outreach programmes. During this internship, you will have first-hand access to Zimbabwe’s theatre rooms to observe surgical operations, watch doctor’s consultations with patients, and participate in clinical rounds. The programme will also expose you to the business side of running a medical practice, creating a holistic approach to a world-class internship. There is no better way to enhance your résumé if you intend on going to medical school.






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