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The best thing to do before travelling abroad is to gather as many facts about your destination as possibly can. Before we receive you we will furnish you with a pre-departure pack that will give you confidence about making the trip. We give you facts about Africa and facts about Zimbabwe in particular.



We are passionate about travel, we have been where you are, trust us, we understand! We are here to help with absolutely anything you would like to discuss on travelling to and in Zimbabwe. You can have a call with us any day of the week, just pick a date and time below:


Our Blog: It’s normal for travellers to have many questions and honestly, there is nothing like being over-prepared for a trip abroad and so in addition to our FAQs, we have tried to include many answers in each of our blogs. We cover a wide range of topics that we also ask when we travel, from when it is the best time to travel for an internship in Africa, the best hiking trails in Zimbabwe, the top coffee shops in Harare, and a day in the life of a medical intern.

Volunteer Africa Animals | Tiritose Sustainable Travel

What is sustainable travel?

What is sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel means innovating and maintaining eco-friendly ways to do tourism…

Hiking Guide Zimbabwe

Hiking Guide Zimbabwe

When thinking about travelling, most of us look to UNESCO for the World Heritage sites…

A Day on Lake Kariba

Big Blue Zimbabwe

October has been exceptionally dry. A local idiom designates the suffering of animals…

Planning Your Trip

How To Plan Your Trip

So obviously you can’t just up and say,‘I’m flying across the world tomorrow’ …

Travel videos

We have made a bunch of videos covering it all – from visas, what to pack, when it is best to visit, what to do in the cities, how to choose a volunteering programme abroad and much much more! We have met and helped so many people in your position & you can watch their testimonials so that you don’t just take it from us.

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An extremely popular metasearch site that works with hundreds of travel providers to find the best fares. You can select nonstop-flights-only when searching, and there are also handy “everywhere” and "anytime" options if you don’t have a particular timeframe or destination in mind.
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The Hopper flight app accurately predicts when is the right time to book flights. It let's you know if now is a good time to buy and if it isn't, you'll get an alert when it is. With 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance, you can't really go wrong.
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Books to read


by Charles Mungoshi


by Dambudzo Marechera


by Shimmer Chinodya


by Douglas Rogers


Bradt Travel Guide

What You Need To Know

Travel Insurance

There are things you want when you travel and then there are things you need.

Fundraise For Your Trip

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Getting Around

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Money Money Money!

There is a short list of things we hate about travelling abroad & unfortunately international bank fees, inflated rates when taking money out at the ATM both make that really short list. TransferWise is that genius little brother (to PayPal) that allows you to have a debit card, several bank accounts in a few countries and wait for it… an exchange rate similar to what you see online. For free transfers of up to GBP£500

while you're in zimbabwe



With this handy app you see in real time, the weather in the last 24 hours and in the next 7 days. With a very intuitive and dynamic graphical interface, you can see the state of the clouds at this time, the wind, humidity, pressure and current data up to the next 15 days!


Statistically speaking AccuWeather has been proven to be the most accurate source of weather forecasts and warnings. The website combines weather data, technology, and human insight to improve lives and businesses. Explore interactive maps, view weather forecasts up to 3 months in advance and even view air quality.

when to visit

Read our blog post on the best time to visit Zimbabwe which covers weather, activities, peak season and much more.



To get your adrenaline fix make your way to Victoria Falls for bungee jumping, bridge swings and river boarding


For some of the most spectacular game viewing, visit Hwange National Park, Mana Pool National Park or Gonarezhou National Park, among others.


To familiarise yourself with the 'real' Zimbabwe, explore the Great Zimbabwe Ruins or embark upon a guided village tour.


For our volunteer & intern abroad programme participants, we have a comprehensive pre-departure and in-country orientation

Help Mother Earth Heal

When you buy a Stand For Trees certificate, your purchase goes directly to these projects. That means you’re protecting thousands of species of animals, birds, and fish. And saving some of the world’s most threatened wildlife from going extinct.

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