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Our team has been the first Zimbabwe-based turnkey provider of cross-cultural exchanges through volunteering, and internship placements at matched organisations.

Featured Programmes

Experience the diversity Zimbabwe boasts; from landscapes, to cultures, to wildlife. This is what you can expect in Zimbabwe 

Mutoko Tour

Mutoko, a small town established as an administrative station in 1911, and home to the Buja people who settled in this area from Mhingari

Price: From US$227.00 pp

Bulawayo Tour

The industrial and manufacturing capital of Zimbabwe, which turned its lights ahead of London.

Price: From US$558.00 pp (3 nights 4 days)

[2 nights 3 days]

Kariba Tour

This hydroelectric dam separates the Zambezi River and now hosts the resort town whose name is derived from the Shona word ‘Kariva’, which means ‘little trap’.

Price: From US$327.00 pp ( 2 nights 3 days)

[3 nights 4 days]

Victoria Falls Tour

A place that needs no introduction – a spectacular natural wonder, boasting awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur!

Price: From US$669.00 pp (4 days 5 nights)

[5 nights 4 days]


Built in the 11th Century, this large collection of stone ruins is a glimpse to ancient civilisation, history and culture.

Price: From US$558.00 pp (3 nights 4 days)

[2 nights 3 days]


The picturesque capital of Zimbabwe – here lies a city, several towns and villages that make up the best variety of scenic views.

Price: From US$327.00 pp ( 2 nights 3 days)

[3 nights 4 days]


What people say

Stuart Smith United States, Ohio State University

This has truly been a life changing experience, especially because it was my first trip outside of the United States. The program taught me to be more open to taking new experiences, exposed me to paediatrics at the children’s rehabilitation unit, which I did not think I would enjoy.

Necrisha in Zimbabwe for her Global Health Clinical Rotation Internship with Tiritose Sustainable Travel
Necrisha Roach United States, Ohio State University

Coming to Zimbabwe for my medical internship and working with Tiritose was an interesting experience and I really enjoyed the exposure to the healthcare system, the people and the excursions

Christopher Zheng United States, Ohio State University

I was pretty happy the whole time and the Tiritose staff were very supportive. What I enjoyed most about doing my internship in Zimbabwe is that it was a new continent for me, a whole new perspective on medicine, a better appreciation for the luxuries of US.

Sola Morakinyo United States, Ohio State University

What I enjoyed most about doing my medical clinical rotation internship in Zimbabwe was seeing the differences and similarities in how medicine is practiced here vs. the U.S. and differences and similarities in disease incidence.

Van Don Williams II United States, Ohio State University

The programme was also very organised. Other than waiting on our supervising physicians at the Children’s hospital on some of the days, it was a pretty good internship. Oh! And it was made better by watching Black Panther in Africa.

Global Health Medical Rotation in Africa - Zimbabwe
Jessica Hippolyte United States, Ohio State University

I really liked the balance between the fun staff and the clinical rotations at the various hospitals in the city and the rural placement just blew me away. I was exposed to medical conditions that I would otherwise not come across back home.

Martins Ayoola-Adeola United States, Ohio State University

I had a wonderful time in Zimbabwe. There are times I find myself fantasizing about going back. The administrative staff were great and really took the time to make the trip as personalized as possible.

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