We are guided by our core values as a company, which are: 

  • Ethical: each decision is based on justice, honesty, empathy, compassion, respect and responsibility.
  • Knowledge exchange: actively encourage and facilitate connections between Zimbabwe and the rest of the world.
  • Sustainability: work to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals – improved natural resource management and operate financially responsible programmes i.e. people, planet, profits.
  • Fun: each activity has unique qualities that bring joy, love and happiness to all stakeholders involved.

These core values lead us to carefully plan for on-going development for each programme or experience that we operate in Zimbabwe. We pay close attention to the impact our programmes and experiences have on the environment, the people and their culture. 

The communities surrounding our programme and experiences sites are guaranteed of long-term benefit. We make it a point to at the very least maintain the environment in areas where we operate; however, more often end up improving it, along with the economy of the host communities. Therefore, through our programmes, we directly develop communities collaboratively with them, enabling them to become masters of their own destiny. 

We invest heavily in our staff through skills training and mentorship programmes, resulting in an excellent execution of the vision. Our staff is trained to properly and adequately consider our core values when identifying potential partners, programme sites as well as tourist activity centres. In addition, we work with local authorities across Zimbabwe in order to obtain their buy-in before implementing any programme, which also ensures sustainability. 

All our programmes are designed with the locals in mind first and foremost, and then volunteers and interns come to fit into the local setup, which ensures that the programmes will continue beyond the stay of external partners and volunteers. The programmes and experiences are also designed to ensure our core value of knowledge exchange takes place seamlessly. We provide comprehensive pre-departure packs and webinars as well as robust in-country orientation aimed at imparting cultural sensitivity.  

Our staff, volunteers and interns working on our programmes are required to submit police clearance certificates in line with our Child Protection Policy. 

We will continue to collaborate with our volunteers and interns in areas that also interest them and build on such legacies we have created such as the Dr. Necrisha Roach Foundation, and Addiction Recovery Trust.


The full copy of our Ethical Travel Policy is available for download below