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zimbabwe coffee safari

The following itinerary is meant to help your safari planning. We at Tiritose Sustainable Travel have done many kinds and variations of trips in Zimbabwe. This is only one kind of tour. Whether you want something more upscale, or rustic & participatory, or customise the duration of the trip, we can make it happen. We are Your Travel Buddies


Your Travel Adventure day by day

The group is picked up from the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport and transferred to the Palace Guest House. It is a unique and elegant lodge, located just a few minutes from the capital city of Harare. After check-in,  a city sightseeing tour will follow. The inner-city tour introduces visitors to Harare, Sunshine City and capital city of Zimbabwe. The name Harare is derived from the ChiShona word “Haarari” meaning one who never sleeps. From 1800 architecture, street food, street theatre and preachers, to carbon neutral buildings and railway stations, we see it all. It is a great opportunity to discover the capital city and admire historical and contemporary Zimbabwe.

  • We depart Harare and travel by road to the Eastern Highlands town of Nyanga. We will arrive there and hike up Mount Nyangani. The rolling hills of the 47 000 hectare National Park, on Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands are home to a multitude of scenic rivers, refreshing streams and breathtaking waterfalls. The park boasts Zimbabwe’s highest mountain peak and the elevated altitude provides a cool and pleasant climate from the fresh mountain air – perfect for rest, relaxation and plenty of outdoor adventures. Visitors are likely to encounter a variety of fascinating wildlife including, among others: kudu, zebra, impala, sable, and eland.

    Afterwards we will check in at Pine Tree Inn. It is nestled below the Susurumba mountain. It is an old world charm surrounded my mountain peaks in Nyanga. It has the most relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

    Total distance: 292kms

    Total time: 5 hours

    Meals: All meals

    Accommodation: Pine Tree Inn

  • We depart Nyanga and travel by road to Honde Valley.  We will have a tea and coffee estate tour. The coffee region stretches from Honde Valley to Bvumba and Chipinge where the higher and cooler areas produce top-quality Arabica coffee. Honde Valley has more than three hundred active coffee farmers. The coffee belt stretches along the lush valleys and the cool mountains of the eastern border will Mozambique.

    We will have a tea and coffee estate visit. During this tour one will definitely get to appreciate the farming of coffee which making you fall in love with coffee more. Afterwards we will check in at Madrugada Magic. It is a paradise in Bvumba. It will allow you to relax in the magical Bvumba Mountains. We will then have an afternoon walk either to the waterfall or drive to communal coffee fields or free afternoon to relax overlooking Mozambique.

    Total distance: 128 kms

    Total time: 2hours 30 minutes

    Meals: All meals

    Accommodation: Madrugada Magic
  • The Bvumba Mountains straddle the Zimbabwean-Mozambique border. The mountains overflow with life all year round. It is the untouched part of Zimbabwe, which is worth a visit. Bvumba is known for its Arabica coffee. The Arabica coffee is known for its wonderful aroma and taste.

    We depart early morning and take part in the early morning fruit picking at Haworth Cooperative Fields. We will also learn about the pulping process, artisanal hand-pan coffee roasting experience and the cupping sessions. During these activities you will get to learn about the techniques that affect your final perfect cup of coffee. As a coffee enthusiast a coffee origin tour is a must as you get a chance the production process first- hand.

    Total distance: 50 kms

    Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes

    Meals: All Meals

    Accommodation: Madrugada Magic

  • We depart Bvumba and check in at New Year’s Gift Estate.  Chipinge is prime coffee growing region in Zimbabwe. It is also home to the first coffee grown in Zimbabwe. Chipinge has deep fertile soils and plentiful rain, making it a perfect coffee-growing environment. The New Year’s Gift Estate is run by Tanganda Limited.

    The Chirinda Forest is nestled in the Chipinge area of Mt Selinda. It is one of most protected forests in the country with a unique combination of tropical and subtropical vegetation. The Chirinda Forest is a 950 hectare evergreen botanical reserve. Most of the trees are hundreds of years old, with the Big Tree being the tallest at 65 metres in height.  It is the tallest native tree in Zimbabwe and about 1,000 years old.

    Total distance: 215 kilometres

    Total time: 3 hours 20 minutes

    Meals: All meals

    Accommodation: New Year’s Gift Estate

  • Today we make our way to the town of Masvingo that is home to one of Southern Africa’s most famous heritage sites. We will visit the Great Zimbabwe Monument. Once Zimbabwe’s capital, the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe is the biggest and most significant stone archaeological complex in sub-Saharan Africa. It is also one of its oldest – thought to date back to the 11th century and second only to South Africa’s Mapungubwe. Composed entirely of rectangular granite blocks stacked on top of one another without the use of mortar, the walls and towers of the city measure up to 12 metres in places, and it is unsurprising that Great Zimbabwe was designated a World Heritage Site in 1986.

    Total distance: 307kms

    Total time: 3hr 47min

    Meals: All Meals

    Accommodation: Clevers Lakeview Resort
  • You visit the Matobo National Park where you can see the grave of Cecil John Rhodes and San Rock Art. Idyllically located in the spectacular Matobo Hills, the renowned Matobo National Park is known for its rich human history, its remarkably diverse flora and fauna and its magnificent rugged terrain. This unspoiled natural wilderness features a range of massive red-tinged, granite boulders interspersed with gorgeous wooded valleys, making it a dream destination for hikers, climbers and nature lovers alike. The reserve is compact, easily accessible and is home to an impressive range of African wildlife including the highly endangered black and white rhinoceros, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, cheetah, hippo, warthog and crocodile as well as Africa’s largest concentration of leopard and black eagles. This unforgettable national park is surrounded by local villages that welcome visitors and enjoy cultural & intellectual exchanges through cooking demonstrations, traditional drink & dance.

    Total distance: 330 kilometers

    Total time: 4 hours 30 minutes

    Meals: All Meals

    Accommodation: Farmhouse Inn

  • After a final morning activity at Farmhouse Inn, you transfer to the Victoria Falls by road. Resting on the southern banks of the Zambezi River at the western end of the eponymous falls, this popular tourist town is compact enough to walk around and makes an ideal base for travellers exploring the seventh wonder of the world, the unfathomably vast Victoria Falls. While the falls are undoubtedly the star attraction, the area provides both adventure seekers and sightseers with plenty of opportunities to warrant a longer stay. Popular activities include scenic flights over the falls in helicopters or microlights, bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge, white-water rafting (seasonal), and day trips to Chobe National Park. The town itself offers some excellent accommodation and restaurant options as well as an eclectic variety of African curios and authentic art sold by friendly Zimbabwean locals who are wonderfully welcoming and eager to help you enjoy your stay.

    On arrival in Victoria Falls you do a walking tour of the rainforest. A view of the Victoria Falls is something you will never forget and the best way to see them is on a guided tour. Discover how the Falls were formed and what local customs and traditions surround them. These tours are extremely informative.

    Total distance: 450 kilometers

    Total time: 6 hours

    Meals: All Meals

    Accommodation: Dzimbabwe Lodge

This is a free day for you to explore the town of Victoria Falls and all it has to offer. Victoria Falls is home to many exciting activities. For adrenaline junkies there is bunjee jumping, helicopter flight, sky diving, devil’s pool. Those who like slow and relaxing activities can go on a cruise or village tour.

The Boma dinner and the drum show is one of most popular night activities. It is an unforgettable African experience combined with Zimbabwean cuisine and beautiful performances. The Boma restaurant is a unique cultural place that celebrates and appreciates the African culture.

Total distance: 20kms

Total time: 1 hour

Meals: All Meals

Accommodation: Dzimbabwe Lodge

One has the opportunity to choose from Hwange or Chobe National Park day trips. Hwange National Park offers a big five safari experience. It is one of the world’s last great elephant sanctuaries. It offers excellent wildlife viewing. Chobe National Park is found in Botswana. It also has one of the largest herds of elephants. Farewell dinner at Stanley Hotel will conclude the trip.

Total distance:  20 kilometres

Total time: 50 minutes

Meals: All Meals

Accommodation: Dzimbabwe Lodge

After Breakfast at the hotel, you check out and transfer to Victoria Falls Airport in time to check in for your onward flight.

Total distance: 21.2 kms

Total time: 21min

Meals: breakfast

There is an option to extend your trip and volunteer at any of our project sites, you just have to let us know ahead of time and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

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