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Cultural and Historical Tour

There will be lectures at leading universities, cultural immersion homestays with local families, excursions, and field experiences that you cannot get in any other place. You will also get an opportunity to visit Zimbabwe’s tourist attractions, as they are all a part of the country’s history. The tour may be designed according to the learning objectives and customised as such. The length of stay may be from 14 to 21 days and students have the option to extend their stay beyond the group tour for a further 2-6 weeks.


Your Travel Adventure day by day

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  • In-country orientation
  • Zimbabwe: a country of many contrasts
  • Local area & City tour
  • Health and safety workshop
  • Culture shock seminar
  • Welcome dinner
  • Scramble for Africa: mechanics of annexation and occupation
  • Defining boundaries: battle between the British and Portuguese
  • The rise and fall of early dynasties
  • The great conflagration of the Zulu expansion
  • First Chimurenga: Ndebele and Shona rebellions
  • Land, and land rights
  • Rhodesia and Industrialisation
  • The rise of black nationalism

White Rhodesian radicalism and native reserves

  • Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
  • Unilateral Declaration of Independence
  • Zimbabwe liberation struggle
  • Post-independence Zimbabwe

The above is a provisional 3-week itinerary, which Tiritose Sustainable Travel will customise to match your collective interests. We are flexible in how we put together educational tours, and we will work with you to come up with a custom itinerary. Please download the client needs analysis form, complete it, send it back to us, and one of our worker bees will respond with a draft itinerary for your review. Do not despair if you cannot find an ideal placement site, the list below is only meant to highlight the diversity of our programmes, and not an exhaustive list.

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The cultural and historical study abroad tour takes groups to sites of historical, political and cultural importance in Zimbabwe and ultimately Africa. These have played a major role in the history, and politics of the country. Most importantly, these highlight the social context of life in Southern Africa. For groups that want to deepen & sharpen their intellectual and cultural understanding of Africa, Zimbabwe offers the best possible opportunity. Unique migration patterns, native customs, natural landscapes, and pristine wildlife make the experience surpass any other.





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