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Entrepreneurship and Development Tour

This is a case based programme that changes with each group, so you are assured of never duplicating effort, and the results of your work will contribute towards policy development as well as on-the-ground implementation – outcomes of which you are able to track even after returning to your home country!


Your Travel Adventure day by day

  • In-country orientation
  • Welcome dinner
  • Survival language course
  • Evening cooking class
  • Business and culture
  • The Four Pillars of the Economy
  • Industrialisation
  • Manufacturing and Innovation hubs
  • Economic Processing Zones
  • Inflation, GDP & National Debt
  • Tourism and the economy
  • Problem solving: Escape Rooms
  • Adventure/Adrenaline activities
  • Power generation
  • Climate change: effects on the economy and surrounding communities

Renewable Energy

Above is a provisional 3-week itinerary, which Tiritose Sustainable Travel will customise to match your collective interests. We are flexible in how we put together group educational tours, and we will work with you to come up with a bespoke itinerary. Please download the client needs analysis form, complete it, send it back to us, and one of our worker bees will respond with a draft itinerary for your review. Do not despair if you cannot find an ideal placement site, the list below is only meant to highlight the diversity of our programmes, and not an exhaustive list.

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It is a known fact that Zimbabwe is a unique country of many contrasts and the innovation, entrepreneurship and development group educational tour reveals this fact! The people are resilient, having lived through two decades of international isolation; facing international economic sanctions – with 95% of the economy being in the informal sector. Rich in natural resources, and currently on the recovery path socially, politically and most importantly economically. It is an interesting environment to travel and explore emerging innovations and entrepreneurial initiatives. Tiritose Sustainable Travel has designed a programme that ensures participants appreciate this unique business environment, embedded within the disciplines of anthropology, sociology, development, management, economics, finance and design.





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