The essence of these tours is to introduce visitors to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe which is among the world’s brightest and sunniest cities.

Explore the Magnificent World of Art in Zimbabwe’s Capital

You probably think you can look up what to do in Harare and find a list that you can tick off. Wrong! Harare has more to offer than you could possibly imagine, not even locals have fully explored this metropolitan city.

Explore Zimbabwe’s Oldest Township

The tour takes you from pre-colonial Zimbabwe, under Chief Mbari (from whom the area is aptly named), to the remnants of the First World War, to colonial rule & establishment of the hostels (that remain to this day), to migration patterns, presented by various nationalities inhabiting the area to this day, diverse religious sects, and then to contemporary art and culture.

Family Tour of Harare

You are travelling with your children and cannot seem to find what to do with them that they will enjoy? We have that covered! We know all the top spots for children of all ages, and we will be able to customise the tour according to the age and interests that you and your children have.

Feel the Heartbeat of the City that Never Sleeps

Feel the heartbeat of the city that never sleeps! You got that right, Harare literally means “one who does not sleep” – not to be confused with New York. This is a unique chance to discover the romance and mysteries of Harare, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy, regardless of your taste.

Harare: Discover Zimbabwe’s Rich Culture

This is a crash course of the DNA of the City of Harare, not just another city orientation tour. It is more than just seeing significant buildings, visiting significant sites, and meeting the friendliest people you will ever encounter. We take you through the symbols that make Harare unique, the leading religions, family life (together with Shona cooking lessons), the fashion and other urban and city customs and traditions, all making up a city of many contrasts.

Harare Full Day City Tour

The essence of this tour is to introduce visitors to Harare, Sunshine City and capital city of Zimbabwe. The tour includes entrance into Galleries containing contemporary Zimbabwean art, a view of the colonial historical building and much more.

Journey Back In Time In The Sunshine City

Experience the sunshine city (Harare) differently – by walking down the memory lane. Live through pre-colonial times, the coming of the first settlers, colonial rule and failed black resistance, then to the war of independence, until you arrive in contemporary Zimbabwe.

Take a Bit of Zimbabwe Back Home

Whatever you fancy, this tour will make sure you take a little “Zimbabwe” back home! There is something for everyone in the indoor and outdoor markets. Best of all, you will be able to bargain (rule of thumb: your first offer is half the original asking price). Harare is certainly a mecca for anybody who enjoys shopping, and we make it less overwhelming to visitors by guiding them through.

Taste Zimbabwe’s Authentic Delicious Cuisines

Looking for a food-filled adventure while travelling in Harare? You found the right place. You are guaranteed a mouth-watering lineup of delicious food for the soul. You should already know this, BUT we will mention it anyway: we are more than what you eat, so we will infuse the culinary delight with insight into the city and places where you will eat. You are in safe hands because we too are fanatic foodies, so it is not just a tour for us, we also want to devour the meals.

Every adventure has a good story behind it! Start yours in Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe which is among the world’s brightest and sunniest cities.

Bally Vaughan Bird & Game Sanctuary Tour

Combine this trip with both flora and wildlife explorations. At Ewanrigg Botanical Gardens, see a variety of flower plants including that of aloes and cycads. At Bally Vaughan, you can do game viewing of Zimbabwean wildlife.

Explore Lake Chivero and Kuimba Shiri Bird Park

A family-friendly recreational park, and home to several establishments including sailing clubs, Game Park, bird garden, and bars. Kuimba Shiri means ‘singing birds’, and is the only bird park in Zimbabwe – providing a home to injured, abandoned and orphaned birds. Some of the indigenous birds you can expect to see include the Marshall, Black, Crowned and Fish Eagle.

Play With Cobalt Blue Waters At Chinhoyi Caves

The blue water of the Chinhoyi Caves is mesmerising and the grottos and pool are a spectacle – an obvious must see to anyone travelling to Zimbabwe! The aura of mystery the caves emits makes you want to return to the caves again and again.

See Domboshava Cave & Climb Ngoma Kurira Hill tour

Domboshava, meaning ‘a red rock or stone’ is an historical and cultural significant area in Zimbabwe. Among the hills and mountains, there are two places that are a must see when visiting Zimbabwe. Ngoma Kurira Hill is a hiker’s paradise, which means the ‘beating drum’, in the Zimbabwean Shona language. It is a protected site, hiding glorious views of places afar, rock paintings as well as a cave.

Visit The Ancient Mutoko Ruins

Get to know this Zimbabwe town of Mutoko, and know all about from it’s history, and also see varied cave formations here. Do further explorations with visits to the Mutemwa Leprosy Centre, the ancient Mutoko ruins and the Living Village museum.

Visit The Thetford Game Reserve

Situated in the Mazowe Valley, nestled between Nande and Dikitira Hills, Thetford Game Reserve is only 30 kilometres from Harare – and the best escape from the hustle and bustle of City life. Thetford has stayed true to its mission of creating a safe environment for animal breeding and feeding programmes. Noteworthy, is the endangered White Rhino. Some of the other game you can expect to encounter during the game drive include the indigenous Roan Antelope, Buffalo, Giraffe, Tsessebe, and of course the majestic Sable.

Zimbabwe is home to several attractions listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, such as Great Zimbabwe, the Mana Pools and of course Victoria Falls.

Explore the Picturesque Eastern Highlands

The picturesque capital of Zimbabwe – here lies a city, several towns and villages that make up the best variety of scenic views. From the town of Rusape, literally referring to ‘a place that never dries out’; to Mutare, a city founded after gold was discovered in Penhalonga (1897); then to Inyanga, a town of rolling green hills and home to the highest mountain in the country, which leads us to Honde Valley and Vumba mountains, where tea and coffee is produced, along with the botanical gardens; lastly stopping in Chimanimani, a place with unparalleled gushing springs, rugged mountain grandeur and cascading waterfalls.

Explore Waterfalls, Hills and Khami Ruins

Zimbabwe is home to several attractions listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list, such as Great Zimbabwe, the Mana Pools and of course Victoria Falls. We have put together itineraries that include adventure opportunities and the most exciting destinations across the country! You’ll find both the classic tourist attractions, unique places off the beaten path, and annual events that are not to be missed! Going to local festivals and exhibitions will enrich your experience and give you insider views of the Zimbabwean way of life! Dive in and enjoy!

Great Zimbabwe & Lake Mtirikwi Tour

Built in the 11th Century, this large collection of stone ruins and UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a glimpse to ancient civilisation, history and culture. The tour takes you through times past, and the modern, largest man-made inland lake in Zimbabwe: Lake Mutirikwi (formerly known as Lake Kyle). You will be able to see engineering genius on the dam wall as well as the recreational park, where you will find 3 of the big 5 wildlife!

Kariba: Boating, Fishing and Cave Exploration

The most successful World Bank project ever! This hydroelectric dam separates the Zambezi River and now hosts the resort town whose name is derived and manipulated from the Shona word ‘Kariva’, which means ‘little trap’. The resort town is now the beginning of tourist activities surrounding the Lake, with islands along the shores, just waiting to be explored.

Mutoko Culture & Heritage Tour

Mutoko; a small town established as an administrative station in 1911, and home to the Buja people who settled in this area from Mhingari, now Mozambique. It is from this area that the country is fed, with tomatoes, mangoes, cotton, maize and beans being some of the most grown crops. There are several attractions in Mutoko, leading with the Mutemwa Leprosy Centre established in 1937, and the center where 25,000 people attend a church service in honour of John Bradburne, a Catholic martyr.


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