As Zimbabwe’s only Sustainable accredited travel company, Tiritose Sustainable Travel recognises the unprecedented nature of the time we are living and operating, which requires an equally unprecedented response. The right answer is constantly changing, making any rules & handbooks obsolete. The only certainty for a safe & sustainable restart is a clear comprehension and appreciation of the shifting travel landscape & consumption patterns of the travellers. 

We have made the following changes to our existing protocols in order to strengthen our safety, health & hygiene at placements sites, accommodations as well as transportation. Our team is determined to maintain our 100% safety & health record!


– In light of the current pandemic, regardless of potential participants showing symptoms or being asymptomatic, we require that all participants be tested for Covid-19 within 72-hours of travelling to start their programme. 

– You will be required to bring along the medical certificate. 

– In areas where pre-arrival testing is not possible, please consult with your Placement Advisor in advance so that special testing arrangements may be made. 

– All participants should be prepared to undergo screening at the port of entry, which will result in an unusually longer stay at the port of entry. 


– Each Tiritose Sustainable Travel placement supervisor will be trained and receive Travelife Covid-19 certification and will monitor compliance with our amended Health & Safety Policy. 

– The placement supervisors will listen to all your concerns and address each question comprehensively. Should you need further clarity, your placement advisor at HQ will be on hand to address any issue. 

– Participants who fail to adhere to the health & safety protocols will undergo disciplinary hearings, which may ultimately lead to removal from the programme aligned with the existing policy and participant agreement. 


– We will be adhering to the 2m physical distancing between people wherever possible, which exceeds the WHO recommendation. 

– We will maintain homogenous groups for transportation purposes in order to avoid mixing members from different locations. We already do not use public transport and we will continue to utilise our own private transportation. 

– We have strict restriction on the maximum number of participants allowed to share rooms, which is dependent on the room size. First priority will be to allocate private rooms, which are available at most of our accommodation already. 

– Only one person at a time is allowed in the corridors in order to allow for physical distancing. 

– Cleaning frequency of the different areas will also vary, and cleaning charts will be listed in each area. 

– There will be an increased washing frequency of clothes and bedding, with a minimum of twice per week.


  • We have added to our usual arrival pack, some of the following: 
    • 1 personal water bottle
    • 3 personal cloth face masks
    • 1 pack of protective gloves
    • 1 personal container of hand sanitiser
    • Personal dishes cooking utensils 
    • 2 personal pillowcases
    • 2 pairs of personal linen
    • 1 pair of medical scrubs (*for medical practice & global health internships)
  • Participants are able to request for more of these and other personal protective gear for a modest fee. Alternatively, Tiritose Sustainable Travel will provide transportation to the local shops in order for participants to purchase items of their own choice. 


– Any participant or staff with Covid-19 signs or symptoms will be required to follow existing protocol and medical advice. Should they be required to isolate, Tiritose Sustainable Travel will provide the necessary support and assistance throughout the entire process. 

– We have partnerships with the Ministry of Health & Child Care as well as private isolation facilities off-site. Should participants choose our approved partner sites for isolation, Tiritose Sustainable Travel will transfer their fees towards the cost of food and accommodation, however, participants will be expected to cover any other additional costs.