Our team has been the first Zimbabwe-based turnkey provider of cross-cultural exchanges through volunteering, and internship placements at matched organisations.

A one-size-fits-all approach is counterproductive to overseas service-learning programmes. Tiritose collaborates with faculty staff from a range of educational institutions to create short summer, winter, mid-semester to full-semester programmes that meet faculty objectives. We fully immerse students in engaging environments regardless of their academic disciplines and create incredible service learning abroad opportunities.

Our in-house faculty staff and affiliation with universities in Zimbabwe as well as extensive work with European and American institutions enables us to process credit-transfers, including academic transcripts. We make every effort to ensure that your trip to Africa is not just a mere vacation, but a rewarding learning experience.



Focused programmes on key health, conservation & youth-led business innovations, aimed at boosting society through collaborative implementation.


Knowledgeable & enthusiastic locals who lead & work hand in hand with volunteers and local communities


Programmes are led by locals in order to ensure future funding and the long-term sustainability of the projects


Work together with local authorities and government departments, which is crucial to obtaining buy-in and avoiding duplication of effort.


Our administration & internal programmes are fully funded through volunteer, internship & leisure travel customers, which means any extra income goes directly to support our charities.


Certified sustainable practices administered through Travelife & Fair-Trade Tourism aligned with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council best practices. 100% safety & health record.


Going abroad presents chances to discover amazing travel destinations, make new friends on a gap year in Africa, immerse yourself in another country and presents a perfect opportunity to grow. You will be more adept at learning and managing challenging experiences. It is an opportunity to experience the world through a different lens and fully immerse yourself in new cultures and environments, all of which are essential tools for self-discovery and personal development.


Tiritose has partnered with and received endorsement from the Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development as the first and only Zimbabwean organisation providing international exchange programmes. The Ministerial endorsement means Tiritose has clearance to work with all the institutions of higher learning in Zimbabwe, thus in a position to facilitate international exchange programmes. 

Healthcare Programmes

Healthcare Programmes

Our volunteering/internship programmes are located in rural and urban Zimbabwe, at private as well as public hospitals, including communities.

Wildlife, Conservation and Animal Science Programmes

Wildlife, Conservation and Animal Science Programmes

Our wildlife & environment conservation volunteering in Africa programmes have the biggest impact on the animals as well as communities surrounding national parks.

Business & Innovation Programmes

Business & Innovation Programmes

Turn a vacation to Africa into an unforgettable mentorship and learning experience by coming to Zimbabwe and doing an internship or volunteering to grow business capacity for SMEs within your chosen field.


What people say

Stuart Smith United States, Ohio State University

This has truly been a life changing experience, especially because it was my first trip outside of the United States. The program taught me to be more open to taking new experiences, exposed me to paediatrics at the children’s rehabilitation unit, which I did not think I would enjoy.

Necrisha in Zimbabwe for her Global Health Clinical Rotation Internship with Tiritose Sustainable Travel
Necrisha Roach United States, Ohio State University

Coming to Zimbabwe for my medical internship and working with Tiritose was an interesting experience and I really enjoyed the exposure to the healthcare system, the people and the excursions

Christopher Zheng United States, Ohio State University

I was pretty happy the whole time and the Tiritose staff were very supportive. What I enjoyed most about doing my internship in Zimbabwe is that it was a new continent for me, a whole new perspective on medicine, a better appreciation for the luxuries of US.

Sola Morakinyo United States, Ohio State University

What I enjoyed most about doing my medical clinical rotation internship in Zimbabwe was seeing the differences and similarities in how medicine is practiced here vs. the U.S. and differences and similarities in disease incidence.

Van Don Williams II United States, Ohio State University

The programme was also very organised. Other than waiting on our supervising physicians at the Children’s hospital on some of the days, it was a pretty good internship. Oh! And it was made better by watching Black Panther in Africa.

Global Health Medical Rotation in Africa - Zimbabwe
Jessica Hippolyte United States, Ohio State University

I really liked the balance between the fun staff and the clinical rotations at the various hospitals in the city and the rural placement just blew me away. I was exposed to medical conditions that I would otherwise not come across back home.

Martins Ayoola-Adeola United States, Ohio State University

I had a wonderful time in Zimbabwe. There are times I find myself fantasizing about going back. The administrative staff were great and really took the time to make the trip as personalized as possible.

Featured Programmes

Veterinary & Animal Conservation

wildlife internship abroad in Africa - Zimbabwe

Veterinary, pre-veterinary and vet tech students have an opportunity to immerse themselves in further work with the resident vet at the private clinic practice.

Price: From $1722.00 (2 weeks)


Scholarships of up to USD $300

Medical Practice Internship

The capital city of Zimbabwe is Harare, home to Parirenyatwa, the country’s largest public hospital as well as several small private hospitals and clinics.

Price: From $1230 (2 weeks)

Safe sex when travelling

Scholarships of up to USD $300

Kariba Conservation

volunteer abroad

Kariba Conservation: Wildlife-Human Conflict volunteering project is the perfect introduction programme for the nature & wildlife enthusiasts.

Price: From $1662.00 (3 weeks)


Scholarships of up to USD $300

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