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A one-size-fits-all approach is counterproductive to overseas service-learning programmes. Tiritose collaborates with faculty staff from a range of educational institutions to create short summer, winter, mid-semester to full-semester programmes that meet faculty objectives. We fully immerse students in engaging environments regardless of their academic disciplines and create incredible service learning abroad opportunities.

Our in-house faculty staff and affiliation with universities in Zimbabwe as well as extensive work with European and American institutions enables us to process credit-transfers, including academic transcripts. We make every effort to ensure that your trip to Africa is not just a mere vacation, but a rewarding learning experience.


Going abroad presents chances to discover amazing travel destinations, make new friends on a gap year in Africa, immerse yourself in another country and presents a perfect opportunity to grow. You will be more adept at learning and managing challenging experiences. It is an opportunity to experience the world through a different lens and fully immerse yourself in new cultures and environments, all of which are essential tools for self-discovery and personal development.

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