The abuse of children and other vulnerable groups occurs in all countries and societies, through the misuse of power to the detriment of children. It is nearly always preventable.

All forms of abuse and exploitation suffered by children are unacceptable. Tiritose Sustainable Travel (Herein referred to as Tiritose) accepts that steps must be taken to protect children from those adults who might seek to gain trust and access to young children through our work. The possibility of child abuse occurring is one, which we take seriously and are committed to working to prevent.

Child protection is a corporate and an Individual responsibility. Staff should be made familiar with the need for a child protection concern in all programmes and experiences. Associations with anyone found to be engaging in abusive and exploitative relationships with children will be broken.

The guiding principle of this policy is that the protection of children is always the overriding consideration in all action by staff.

The Child Protection Policy and code of conduct is a statement of the expectations Tiritose has of its workers and travellers when they come into contact with children.

 Tiritose will endeavour to ensure all staff and travellers:

– Are aware of the problem of child abuse and the risks to children

– Are aware of and are committed to the policies and procedures set out in this policy document

– Safeguard children from abuse through following a Code of Conduct

– Report where possible breaches in the Code of Conduct

– Respond appropriately when the Code of Conduct is breached 

Tiritose is aware that this policy may mean some restrictions on the traditionally non-abusive relationships that staff have had with children in the past. We simply ask that staff, travellers and partners are aware of the Code of Conduct, be especially careful to avoid breaking it, and are able to respond to concerns if they do.


  1. Our Expectations

A ‘duty of care’ exists for all stakeholders who come into contact with children. This means they should not only apply the principles of good practice in their work but also that they have a responsibility and a legal duty to ensure the protection and safety of children in their care.

In our operations Tiritose will:

– Strive to understand children within the local context in which they live

– Work with children in a spirit of co-operation and partnership based on mutual trust and respect

– Work with children in ways which enhance their capacities and capabilities and develop their potential

– Treat children with respect and recognise them as individuals in their own right

– Regard children positively and value them as individuals with specific needs and rights

– Value the views of children and take them seriously 


  1. Our Values and Beliefs

Tiritose believes in the rights of children to:

– Be listened to and have their views given careful consideration

– Be encouraged and helped to participate in decisions which affect them 

Have their welfare and development promoted and safeguarded so that they can achieve their full potential 

– Be considered players in their own development with health, safety, well-being and their best interests considered of paramount importance

– Be valued, respected and understood within the context of their own culture, religion and ethnicity

– Have their needs identified and met within the context of the family wherever possible


  1. Our Commitment

We recognise:

– The rights of the child to protection from harm, abuse, and exploitation as set out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. 

– The rights of Tiritose staff, travellers, governance, partner organisations and other stakeholders to training and support

– The importance of working in partnership with other organisations in the protection of children


The full copy of our Child Protection Policy is available for download below