Travel Safety in Zimbabwe

Travel safety in Zimbabwe

We would never let you go anywhere without ensuring your safety first. When it comes to our destinations and all the resources you will need, we have walked the journey before you so we know where the curves and bumps in the road are. Our travel safety tips are based on first-hand research experience and our partners and service providers have years of experience of working with travelers. Have a look at our “modern guide” and learn a thing or two about

Travel insurance

There are things you want when you travel and then there are things you need. Travel insurance definitely something you can’t do without. We have partnered with one of the best companies in this industry; World Nomads Travel Insurance. Who better to get travel insurance from than Travel addicts who knows what you will need on your adventures.

Travel Safety Tips

We have prepared a guide on how to stay safe when you are traveling either alone or in a group. Familiarise yourself with it, do more research and then when you think you know everything there is to know, email us and just make sure you have everything.